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Online casinos offer so much diversity nowadays that it should not shock anyone that gamblers are navigating away from land-based venues and joining virtual gaming establishments at super impressive paces, according to the latest stats, growing this industry section at 8.54% per year. Without question, one of the main factors that are helping this area expand so rapidly is gambling promotions, free spins, and bonus funds given out to new and existing players as baits that aim to get individuals to sign up with specific sites and keep them on a given platform for the long haul.

Alphanumeric combinations called promo codes are at the heart of online gambling marketing, utilized as tools whose goal is to incentivize users to perform a specific action, offering a reward in return. They can be a powerful device for customer acquisition and often get supplied to advertising partners, influencers, and affiliates, or they get used in distinct promotion campaigns.

Concerning playing games of chance over the Internet, some newbies often wonder which products they should use, the free spins or on-the-house funds supplied by these codes. Do online casinos with no deposit bonuses originating from bonus ciphers limit title availability? All of that is explained below.

  1. How Does Game Eligibility Get Decided?
  2. Slots
  3. Live Dealer Games
  4. Craps
  5. Keno
  6. Progressive Titles
  7. Video Poker
  8. FAQs
  9. Can Bonus Funds Available Via Promo Codes Get Used on All Games?
  10. What Is the Game Type Most Likely to be Available?
  11. What Should Gamblers Look for in Promo Code Offers?
  12. To Sum Up
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How Does Game Eligibility Get Decided?

The casino issuing the promotion in question shall pick the games for which the free-gambling action gets provided. In most cases, operators wish to refrain from handing out winning opportunities for nothing on games with low minimum bets and decent prize potential. Hence, RNG tables are usually off the table, so to speak, because they can have sub-1% house edges and accept wagers under a dollar. That is also why they customarily feature the lowest bonus game contribution rates. However, that is just a general rule of thumb. And not something set in stone.

What follows is a list of online gambling genres that traditionally get connected with online casino promo codes, rattled off by the order of their likeliness of getting connected with such marketing deals.


One-armed bandits are brick-and-mortar locales cash cows. The same holds for the digital realm, where over twenty-five hundred reel-spinning games exist. They most commonly get linked with promo codes and promotional offers because they deliver simplistic gameplay, mid-range winning odds, and varied betting ranges. Also, their popularity is a massive contributing factor to their establishment in this marketing practice, as they are the most likely game category casual gamblers will select to enjoy.

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Live Dealer Games

Streaming table options and presenter games are now all the rage. While many live casino classics feature similar odds to their RNG counterparts, the difference here is that they list much higher minimum wages. That is necessary to justify the costs associated with sites running these studio gaming options.


Here, we have a random number generator-powered category that many US-centric hubs allow for promo uses. That is so because the house edge of RNG craps falls in the neighborhood of the one in European roulette, in the mid-2% range. While that may seem low, it is significantly higher than the 1.06% minimum house advantage in RNG baccarat or the 0.5% in blackjack when optimal strategy is used.


Lottery-style online gambling choices like bingo and keno are not widely available, particularly on websites that target gamblers from the US. Nevertheless, some brands carry these games, especially keno titles. The house edge of options from this genre can range from 4% to 35%, making them an acceptable pick from operators and players alike.

Progressive Titles

The term progressive games refers to ones that include rewards that keep swelling from losing bets until someone wins the whole pot. These are virtually always online slots that boast high-volatility math models, meaning they look to churn out substantial prizes but rarely do so. Therefore, players must expect extended dry streaks when playing them.

Video Poker

Popular Internet gaming brands like Wild Casino, El Royale Casino, and Super Slots allow promotional cash to get bet on video poker games. Some may find this surprising, as titles from this group can have house edges on par with blackjack games. Yet, others may have ones that go up to 5% or even above. Consequently, it is paramount that everyone is aware of what kind of video poker they will play in their sessions, as their winning probability can wildly vary.

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Can Bonus Funds Available Via Promo Codes Get Used on All Games?

No. Each casino selects what housed products are eligible for promo cash or free spins use for every single promotion they run.

What Is the Game Type Most Likely to be Available?

That would be slots, the Las Vegas kind.

What Should Gamblers Look for in Promo Code Offers?

They should examine their terms. The most vital stipulations to check are the max win amount, the rollover requirement necessary, the minimum deposit, and the maximum bet sum.

To Sum Up

Over the years, casino codes have become an indispensable marketing tool. Gamblers benefit from these ciphers because they open the doors for exclusive promotions, and operators love them since they add a heightened sense of engagement and scarcity. In short, to discover what games are available for bonus play, please look over such a deal’s terms and conditions page. Nonetheless, almost always, slots will be a viable option.

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