Guide On How to Use Escort Directories in Australia


Hiring an escort has never been easier thanks to the many escort directories in Australia. The escort directories have websites and apps where you can hire a professional escort from the comfort of your home. All escorts are also verified, eliminating the chances of getting scammed or cat-fished.

However, using escort services can be a nervous experience for newbies. You also have to skim through the many escort directories to find a legit one. In this guide are some essential tips on how to use escort directories in Australia.

Do Your Research

Escort websites are cropping up by the minute. However, there are many websites full of scammers ready to swindle unsuspecting clients. Do your research before using booking an escort from any website.

You can ask for recommendations from friends who have used escort services before. Legit escort directories in Australia verify each escort’s profile. The escorts use their original photos and have their contact information on their profiles.

Use Polite Language

Now, you could get the urge to come on too strong to show your intentions. Use polite language when communicating with escorts. Using vulgar or overly sexual language is a turn-off, especially if you are meeting an escort for the first time.

You can text, email, or call to book your appointment. Ensure that you mention your location and the time or day when you want to meet.

Have the Money Ready

Escort directories in Australia list their rates on their profiles. You can filter the escorts based on their rates, location, age, or gender. Ensure that you select an escort within your budget to avoid inconveniences during booking or the meet-up.

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Pay first once you meet up with the escort. Tips and gifts are also good gestures, especially if you have received the best service. Remember, special requests will attract more fees, especially if the service was not listed on the escort’s profile.

In-Calls vs. Out-Calls

Some escorts offer in-call services only, meaning that you have to go to their place. Most of it is for safety purposes. In-calls are also good if you don’t want to spend cash on a hotel room or invite people to your place.

For out-calls, the escort will come over to your place. However, most people prefer booking a hotel room for extra privacy. You can also get a clean room and toiletries provided, which is a plus for those living with roommates.

Hygiene Is Crucial

Whether you are having an escort for companionship or sex, looking clean and fresh is a no-brainer. You don’t have to go all-out on your date. Simple stuff like trimming your hair, nails, and a manscaping will suffice.

Wear great perfume or cologne (most girls love scents). Appearance and scents are a nice icebreaker. This will get you started on the right foot and builds some excellent chemistry before you take matters to the next level.

Bottom Line

Soliciting for sex in public is illegal in Australia. However, you can book escorts via escort directories in Australia. The tips shared in this guide will help you get good escort services within your budget without getting scammed.

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