Avoiding Risks When Using Bitcoin Mixers


Bitcoin mixers are a useful tool for everyone who wants to sell or buy Bitcoin anonymously. It allows the users to hide sources and target addresses of their transactions, which can be important not only for investors operating large sums of money but also for regular users. However, putting your transaction through a coin tumbler involves certain risks. Below you will find useful information that will help you to choose the best BTC mixes that will be reliable, safe, and easy to use. 

1. The Idea Behind Bitcoin Mixers

All coin tumblers operate on similar principles. The users in need of anonymous transactions transfer their coins to the service, which combines them in a common pool, mixes them, and then redistributes them to the target addresses. This way, even if someone uses blockchain exploring software for transaction analysis, they won’t be able to find out who sent money to which address. This adds a necessary layer of anonymity making it unable to identify users based on indirect data such as time and size of their transactions. Remember, that Bitcoin is not fully anonymous by its nature. While it allows you to create wallets not tied to your identity, all transaction data is transparent, which means it can be viewed and explored by anyone.

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Consequently, you need to take additional steps to make your crypto transactions untraceable. Applying a coin tumbler is a deciding factor here. However, because cryptocurrencies do not have any centralized regulation and are mostly maintained by community decisions, you need to care about protecting your money by yourself. This is why it is important to know about the risks of using bitcoin mixers to avoid them and mix your coins safely.

  1. Common Risks of Using Bitcoin Mixers

Any coin mixer is a third-party service added to the processing of your transaction. Consequently, it becomes able to influence its outcome, so you need to trust the service to use it. Sometimes, putting your transaction through a BTC mixer to make it untraceable can involve the following risks:

  • If a centralized mixer stores transaction data, it can reveal it by request of the authorities or to other interested parties.
  • The service provided itself can turn out to be malicious. Scammers can use it as a “honey pot”, which means it attracts users to collect their data and then sell it to someone with malicious intent.
  • Another possibility is a simple theft. The service provided is theoretically able to collect users’ money and do not finalize the requested transactions.
  • The lack of user support provided can also turn out to be a problem. If some technical problem or mistake occurs, it may be hard to get the support required or return your money.

Sometimes, there are also some legal risks related to using Bitcoin mixers to anonymize your transactions. Some governments treat those services with suspicion because they can be used for money laundering or transactions related to criminal activities, such as purchasing illegal substances.

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The treatment of the problem depends on the country. For example, in the US authorities may deem a coin mixer service as illegal if it does not provide contact information to customers and does not have a license. Some Bitcoin mixers even prefer geo-blocking users situated in the US to avoid dealing with legal difficulties.

Consequently, it may prove useful to learn about local laws before putting your transaction through a coin mixer, especially if you want to transfer a large number of coins. Currently, coin mixers, as well as cryptocurrency itself, remain in the gray area, which is not fully regulated by law. However, new regulations and cases appear each year, and to be a knowledgeable bitcoin user, you may want to stay on top of this information.

  1. Choosing a Safe Bitcoin Mixer

However, the risks described above are easy to mitigate, if you apply several simple rules listed below. They will help you to evaluate if a particular coin-mixing service is worth your trust.

  • Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is checking user reviews. Compare information from several resources to find out about the current state of the service, as its quality may change with time.
  • Find out how long the Bitcoin mixer is on the market. If it was created recently, pay double attention to its terms of service and user reviews.
  • Learn about service fees and other important parameters of the transaction. Remember, that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Service needs to take service fees to operate, so if it looks too cheap, it may turn out to be less reliable.
  • Choose decentralized bitcoin mixers using modern technology, such as Chaumian CoinJoin. They do not store any information about users, so they won’t be able to disclose it even when requested.
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With this advice, you will be able to choose the best BTC mixer and use it to protect your identity while conducting crypto transactions. 

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